Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My 28th Birthday

Today is my birthday and myself and Mabel are still on a road to recovery as a previous blog explained. (We had an Accident)

I will update our situation in a few days when we find out more of what is to happen on our next hospital visit. 

Now, back to my birthday. I never really celebrate my birthday as it seems every year something bad happens around this time of year. Of course this year was no different. 

Anyway, I woke up this morning to a lovely cup of tea in bed with cards and a present. Apparently my other gift from Doug was on it's way. I can't remember when he managed to get something delivered on time. Oh wait, just his luck the other part of my present has arrived. Yippee

Mabel gave me lots of birthday cuddles and I felt so lucky looking at her gorgeous face.
birthday smiles
'Happy Birthday Mummy'

Unfortunately Doug was working, so after the package arrived I went to the park with my parents, niece and nephew. You have to make the most of the nice weather. While we were there I decided to put Mabel on the baby swing for the first time. Oh boy did she hate it, but she didn't mind sitting on my lap on the swing. 

It was just a short stop at the park before we headed to the pub for a quick drink in the garden. I don't think anything can beat a cold beer when the sun is shining, but as I was driving I opted for a soda and lime. Never Mind. 

The afternoon consisted of a relaxing couple of hours at home before we went to pick up Doug. It was then that Mabel decided she did not want me in any pictures. 
pushed out of selfie

 When Doug was home it was a little bit of a cheeky playtime before bed.
baby play time
Playtime before bed.

Now we are going to settle down with dinner which consists of fishcakes and salad washed down with a glass of wine (courtesy of my brother and sister-in-law). Followed by watching The 100 at 9pm and then it will be on to bed. 

To sum up my 28th Birthday I would say it has been a simple relaxing day and considering everything that has been happening, it is just what I needed.

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