Thursday, 17 December 2015

Sainsburys TU Haul December 2015

The other week Sainsburys had 25% off all TU clothing and I decided to take advantage of it. I usually wait until after Christmas when the main sales are on to buy certain clothing, but trying to squeeze Mabel into 12-18 months clothes is not feasible anymore. It's always her legs outgrowing everything too quickly. 

Here are a few bits that I got for her to add to her winter clothing. All are in sizes 18-24 months.

 3 Hedgehog Tops £8 (25% off £6)
3 Matching Leggings £6 (25% off £4.50)

2 Pairs of Pyjamas £11 (25% off £8.25)
3 Pairs of Tights £6 (25% off £4.50)

I am really looking forward to the Sales after Christmas and hopefully will be able to pick up some bargains for the new baby.

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