Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Mabel's Christmas Presents 2016

I have finally finished buying all presents, which is a relief. To be honest, I thought I would have been a little bit more organised and have everything done and wrapped by now, but I am almost there. Here is a look at all the presents Mabel is getting for Christmas from us. I have even put down the costs and where I bought each item from, along with the total at the end.

2 Year Old Mabel's Christmas Presents

- Paw Patrol Colouring Book £2 (Sainsburys)
- Paw Patrol 1000 Sticker Book £2.99 (Smyths Toys)
- Peppa Pig Smartphone £6.66 (Sainsburys)
- Peppa Pig Playing Cards £2.66 (Sainsburys)
- Paw Patrol Sip and Snack Bottle £2.50 (Asda)
- My Little Pony Briefs £3.99 (B and M)
- My Little Pony Character and Comb £2.75 (Sainsburys)
- Mini WOW Ace Racer £4.79 (Ocado)
- Woodland Animals Mug, Plate, Bowl, Tray and Cutlery £10.45 (Dunelm)
- Play Doh Rainbow Colours £2.66 (Sainsburys)
Mermaid Puzzle £1 (The Entertainer)
- 'My Loveliest Things' Sweater £7 (Asda)
- Paw Patrol Pyjamas 2 Pack £11 (Asda)
- My Sweet Baby Doctor Kit £7 (Asda)
- Childs Farm Travel Kit £6.07 (Superdrug)
- Little Steps Threading Beads £3 (Wilkinsons)
- Paw Patrol Rocky and Vehicle £12.99 (Argos)
- The Paw Patrol Patroller £59.43 (Argos)
- Hessian Sack £4 (Mothercare)

Total: £153.94

*I believe there is no right or wrong answer with how much you spend on your children at Christmas, as it is down to that households preferences or traditions.*

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