Friday, 13 October 2017

What Mabel Got For Her 3rd Birthday

This year I have managed to not pay full price for a single one of Mabel's birthday presents. You see I have been looking for items all throughout the year in order to save money because Birthdays and Christmas can be expensive. Plus she had a wonderful party with her friends which she just loved and got fabulous presents. Lucky Girl.

So here is what we got for Mabel.

- Play-doh Cake Party £3.25 (Tesco is now £14.95)
- Peppa Pig Race Game £2 (Asda Sale was £9)
- My Little Pony Tshirt £4 (Tesco Sale was £6)
- Orchard Toys Shopping List £5.72 (Amazon is now £7.50)
- Magical Mimi Flora the Fish £1 (Mothercare Sale was £5)
- Magical Mimi Fairy £1 (Mothercare Sale was £5)
- Magical Mimi Fashion Stage £2 (Mothercare Sale was £12)
- My Little Pony Equestrian Pinkie Pie £2.50 (Asda Sale was £12)
- My Little Pony Equestrian Rainbow Dash 2.50 (Asda Sale was £12)
- Beret Style Hat £1 (Asda Sale was £6)
- Wolly Hat £1 (Asda Sale was £5)

Total: £25.97

Note: This all should have all come to £94.45, but because everything was on offer I saved a massive £68.48 which is a 73% saving.
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