Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Make £1000 Before Christmas Challenge (Week 8)

This week I have not done anything at all to earn money because as Christmas is getting closer, things are getting busier. I am going to attempt to do as much as I can for these final couple of weeks and hopefully I would have succeeded to get half way to the target.

You Gov = 1600 (5000 points = £50)
This online survey site gathers information on the public opinions and consumer behaviour on different subjects, products or services. Even though this is a slow moving one because you have to reach 5000 points to cash out £50, it is definitely one to do over time.

MintVine = 1352 (1000 points = $10)
You can earn cash from doing surveys online. The payment has a threshold of 1000 points which equals to around $10. It is a slow one but easy to do.

e-rewards - 3260 Nectar Points.
This rewards you with nectar points and adds them to your nectar card, which helps when it comes to doing the Christmas shop. I will not add this to my total but I will still tell you how many points I have made.

(Remaining: £590.02)

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