Coming To The End Of My Pregnancy

Sitting here at 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant is something I thought I would never do. I honestly thought my little girl would have made her appearance by now and I would have her in my arms. It seems that she has become slightly too comfortable in my tummy and a trip to the midwife tomorrow should also confirm this. The midwife did say last week that if she was not here by this week that we will look at my next appointment being at the hospital. (Please come naturally little one).

I have been both excited and nervous to the thought of becoming a mummy and having a little being to look after and depend on me. I think the nerves will go once she is here and I can start being that annoying mummy putting her into adorable outfits that she will probably hate me for when she is older.

As this is my first blog I will keep it short and hope that my next one will be when my little bundle of joy is here and I can announce the name for her.

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