Mabel’s 1st Christmas

I had been looking forward to Christmas since I was pregnant. It is my favourite time of year where presents are exchanged and you can eat your body weight in food. This year of course was extra special as Mabel was 10 1/2 weeks old and it was her 1st Christmas, and ours being a mummy and daddy. My Nan, Mabel’s Great Nan was staying with us over Christmas and it was nice to have an extra pair of hands. My parents came over to us for Christmas which was lovely as well as my brother, sister-in-law and niece and nephew popping in on route to where they were going.

I had put thought into Mabel’s presents because as she is so young I wanted things that she needed or can use in the very near future. Clothes were always going to be something she needed. She is growing so fast that I am trying to keep up with what fits her still and what things I need to get. On the H & M website, I found some really gorgeous boots and I just had to get them. I had found a voucher code on another website for 20% off so I looked at creating some outfits together. I bought 2 shorts (both the same just different age ranges as they are so cute), 2 tops in a pack together, a pack of 2 white tights and a dress.

Mabel, of course, has to have one big present which was a Baby Walker from Toys r us. I had bought it a month before Christmas because I saw it on offer for £39.99 down from £59.99. Of course, when you buy things early there is a chance the price may decrease even more and it is currently on sale for £29.99. Ah well. My husband put it together the other day so it is ready. It was quite easy and seems stable and strong. On the box, it does say from 6 months but Mabel has been doing so well with her development that she will probably be in it for our holiday in March.

My husband loves books and so it excited him that he was able to pick some as presents, but only one came in time for Christmas. The book is about a cactus that struggles to find someone who could give him a hug. It is an unusual story but I know Mabel will love it when she can understand it.

The last present I bought was a name plaque for Mabel’s bedroom door. She is only sleeping in the room during the day and is still in our room at night. When she does finally move into her room, it would be nice to mark that big step by putting the name up on the door.

I think Mabel was one very lucky girl as she had lots and lots of presents from all friends and family. I can’t wait for her to play, wear, read and enjoy all those gifts. Her room is filling up nicely.


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