We Made The Transition. Mabel Is In Her Own Room

If you read any guidelines as to when to put a baby in their own room it will say 6 months. The first 6 months of their life they should be sleeping in the same room as you at night. We, however, made the transition early.

When Mabel was born she weighed a nice healthy 9 lb 5 oz and fitted nicely in her Moses basket next to me in the bedroom. Then after a week or two I soon realised she will not be in it long, as she was growing rather quickly. You are then left with do you buy a crib, or do you bring the cot into your bedroom and cram everyone in.

She seemed so small in the cot even though she was way above average for her weight and height, but she was still only 1 month old. We decided to fork out more money and buy a crib. I did think it would be extremely expensive but I managed to buy one from Mothercare for £39.99, which I think is a decent price. It fitted nicely next to me in the bedroom and gave Mabel plenty of room to grow into and stretch out. This she loved and slept with an arm out each side of the crib. Sometimes she would have a leg hanging out as well.

Mothercare Crib – Took 5 minutes to put together.

It then became apparent at 3 months old that she was getting a bit too big for the crib. She kept trying to roll and move around a bit more, but her head would bang on the side. She had also been sleeping through the night since she was 2 1/2 months old and it was starting to get frustrating tiptoeing around the bedroom making sure we didn’t wake her up. Getting dressed and undressed in the dark is hard. I don’t know how many times I put on things back to front and inside out. I sometimes went into another room to change but would always pick up something else to what I needed.

I had been putting Mabel in her cot for a couple of naps during the day and also when I needed to go quickly do something. She loved the amount of space she had and would be determined to try and spin 360 degrees all the way around. I mentioned to my husband when Mabel was coming up to 15 weeks old that maybe it is time to do the transition from crib to a cot and also to be in her own room. He agreed although we were both extremely nervous. I think I kept trying to bottle out of it even at the last minute. We had a nighttime routine and had done for a while so we kept this the same, it would just be that she was in a bigger space in the next room. Of course, we had the Angelcare Sensor pad on and the Monitor was in our room still, which I think is a great monitor and not too expensive. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. She slept through the night and since then has been an absolute star going to bed. What use to take up to 1 hr 30 mins to get her down now takes a max of 20/30 mins. It is also nice to know that she loves her cot. In the mornings she wakes up but doesn’t cry out. Instead, she will spend about 15 – 30 minutes playing about, finding her feet and talking to her Ewan the sheep.

We made the transition from Mabel being in our room to her own room at 3 1/2 months. And I have to say it was definitely right for us.

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