This is a positive blog about immunisations as there are too many negative stories out there.

I think every parent fears this part of parenthood. Getting your baby immunised. It is a scary process in which most babies go through in order to protect them from potentially serious illnesses. You have no idea what to expect or how your little one is going to take to it until that first appointment.

I was nervous about getting Mabel immunised. People had said that it scars you for life. I was also worried about what happens after the injections. When I was younger I had a bad reaction to the second injections that made me allergic to dairy for a little while. I definitely did not want this for her.

Mabel’s first injections were done at 9 1/2 weeks old and I took her on my own. The nurses were extremely lovely and kept making sure I was fine to be in the room otherwise one of them would take over. An oral medicine was given first in which Mabel just spat back out again. She seemed to think it was a bit of a game. Then came the injections. There are 2 injections that are given, one in each thigh and both were done at the same time to not cause any extra pain. Of course, as expected Mabel let out a high pitched cry but after 10 seconds and a few cuddles later she was fine. We had to wait around for 10 minutes in case of any reactions and were told that she may get a temperature from it. Nope, Nothing. Amazing.

The second injections Mabel had at 13 1/2 weeks. I took her into the treatment room in her car seat and I had to wake her up. Sleepy baby. Yet again the oral medicine she spat back out and found it funny by doing so. Little Munchkin. She then was prepared for the 2 injections, one in each thigh again. I held her hands and waited for that cry to come, but nothing. The nurses seemed a bit confused by this but it was just my little girl being brave. Now that was 2 down and only 1 more to go.

Mabel’s third injections have just been done at 17 1/2 weeks or exactly 4 months old. This time she was wide awake and in a playful mood going into the room. She had her dummy in her mouth when I picked her up and usually, she would spit it out, but this time she didn’t. I chose this opportunity to quickly set her up for the injections and yet again there were 2, one in each thigh. After it was done I gave her a hug but she didn’t seem fussed. Not a peep out of her. The only time she cried was when I put her back in her car seat. Madam.

I feel extremely lucky that Mabel has had no reaction to them, ‘touch wood’. What I thought would be a horrible experience that would scar me for life, turned out to be not that bad.

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