The Best And Worst Baby Products

This is a list of some of the best and worst baby products I have bought with the prices I purchased them at. They are my own opinions on how they have worked/not worked for us, but with other families it will be different.

The Best things are:
best baby products

Ewan the Dreamsheep (babiesrus £29.99)

When Mabel was around 12 weeks old she was starting to get a bit harder to settle to sleep. After seeing many great reviews about Ewan I thought I would give it a go, even though I think the price is quite expensive. Ewan has 4 different types of sounds that play for about 20 minutes, and there is a light which is a soft red glow that you can either have on or off. To start with Mabel absolutely hated it. It did not change a single thing when it came to putting her to bed. We persevered with it and she now loves going to sleep with her Ewan dangling off her cot. The musical tune, as well as the soft warm red glow from the light, gives Mabel something to focus on and within a few minutes, she will settle to sleep.

Dr Browns Natural Flow Starter Kit. (Mothercare £19.99)

I had heard so many great things about these Dr Brown’s bottles that when Mabel was struggling to drink from other different types of bottles, I immediately turned to these. The bottles are designed in a way to help eliminate air bubbles and therefore decrease the chances of developing colic. I am absolutely delighted with this product as Mabel took to them straight away and her winding problem decreased.

Playmat (ikea £25)

This playmat I saw on a sacconejoly vlog and thought it would be perfect for Mabel. The mat has something different in each of the corners to play with and is large enough for her to move around. It’s soft and has been a real asset in allowing Mabel to be comfortable and safe so she can learn all her skills. Her new achieved milestone so far is rolling over.

Angelcare Sensor Mat and Monitor (Mothercare £64)

I bought this as a recommendation from my brother who had used it with his two children. I absolutely love it and it is not as expensive as many other types of monitors. The main thing I love is the alarm that goes off when no heartbeat can be felt on the sensor mat. As a parent you want your children to be safe at all times, even when asleep. This gives me such a peace of mind. The monitor part has many functions including the room temperature and I just love how easy it is to use.

The Worst things are:

worst baby products

Medela Calma (Mothercare, teat on its own £11.99)

I had researched many breast pumps and because of the good reviews, I went with the Medela Electric breast pump with Calma. I paid a bit extra to get one with the Calma in as it was meant to decrease nipple confusion. The breast pump I liked and had no problems with it. However, the Calma teat part I tried with Mabel, not just once, but a few times, and she just couldn’t get any milk out. She did not have a clue what to do with it and the teat bit did seem rather large for her to suck on. It is still sitting in my cupboard and I feel I shouldn’t have bothered paying the extra for it. Such a waste of money.

Baby Towels (free in baby packs and some in bundles)

With some of the baby packs, you got a free hooded towel. This was great but they seemed quite small so I bought some other hooded towels that were bigger. What a waste of money that has been. As Mabel was 9lb 5oz when she was born, I don’t think she has ever fitted in a single one of those towels. Her legs hang out of the bottom and I can’t wrap her properly in them in order to dry her and keep her warm. Instead, I have now been using a normal towel which is so much better and is softer on her skin.

Sangenic Nappy Disposable Bin (babiesrus £10)

This was another purchase I bought after seeing it in a vlog. You push the nappies down into the bin, twist the top and it wraps the nappy up like a sausage. Now I did like this purchase but the cassettes that go into it are expensive. A 3 pack cassette is about £12 and we can go through one of them in just under a week. When you also empty the bin it does smell quite a bit from all the dirty nappies that have been in there for the past couple of days. An alternative is to buy 200 scented nappy bags for 89p. Cheap and cheerful.

Moses Basket(We are lucky and got ours from my brother)

I did not have to purchase this item but instead got it from my brother as his family have no use for it. Many sites I had been on before about what to buy or not to buy had the Moses basket as something not to get as it was useless. Mabel being my first child, of course, I assumed I did need one. With Mabel being such a big baby she lasted 4 weeks in the Moses basket and that was at a push. We then bought a crib in which we managed to get 11 weeks use out of it before she went into her cot. Thinking back if I had bought one at the prices they are these days I would be of been very angry as it does not get much use. I probably would have opted straight away for the crib as 1. It is bigger and can use it for longer. 2. The one I bought was a lot cheaper than the Moses baskets I have seen. 3. I feel it creates an easier transition from the crib to the cot as the crib is just a smaller version.

Yet again these are my opinions on how things have worked or not worked for our family. Everyone is different.

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