Valentines Day With Mabel

Valentines Day is a day where you can express your love to someone. I feel extremely lucky to have two of the most precious things in my life that I love every single day. My husband Doug and my little girl Mabel.

When I woke up on Valentines morning I wasn’t expecting to receive anything. Doug and I are not one for gift or card giving at this time of year, so it was a bit of a shock that I had a lovely card waiting for me downstairs. I felt bad that I hadn’t got him anything, but then again I was making dinner, drinks and dessert later. (The key to a man’s heart, right!)

We started the morning by heading out for breakfast because we did not have anything in the house. There was me thinking I was so organised but nope forgot about breakfast. It was a lovely rare treat to go and have a cooked breakfast but as it was quite heavy we decided to go and walk it off.

We headed into town and had a lovely but chilly walk along the river. It was nice to have family time and Mabel enjoys being out and about seeing new things. She was however rather sleepy and so decided to sleep through the whole walk.

On our way back home we decided to pop in for coffee at my parents as they live in the next village to us. Mabel was on top form laughing, playing about and had a constant smile on her face. She is one cheeky little girl that just melts my heart in everything she does.

When we did get her home she seemed to be in a constant play mode. Playing in her walker, her red chair, on her playmat, in her high chair, in her cot, on her changing table. She really did not want to have a nap. We didn’t mind at all because she is such a character and everything she does means she is learning more. We even had a game of baby buckaroo.

Baby Buckaroo

After playing for a couple of hours it was time to start preparing the dinner. I was excited to make this recipe as I had not done it before. Gnocchi Verde. It had to be made in advance because it needed to be put in the fridge for 1 hour before cooking.

While we waited for the Gnocchi to cool we decided to go on another little walk. This was because Mabel still had not napped and it was too early to start her bedtime routine. We only went on a 20-minute walk around the village as it was getting dark, but when we did return home it was clear Mabel was indeed ready for bed. Bedtime for her.

When little munchkin was asleep in her cot Doug and I started to unwind with a little tipple. I made a pre-dinner cocktail which I am calling An Adaptation of The Good Food Country Breeze (because I changed 1 ingredient in the recipe), and the other was a Chambord Royale which we had with the Gnocchi Verde.

Chambord Royale
Adaptation of The Good Food Country Breeze


I’m not going to lie but I absolutely hated the dinner. I felt awful as I couldn’t eat it but Doug was munching down on it. He even had mine. I guess my taste buds did not take a fancy to it. I did however very much enjoy the cocktails.

Gnocchi Verde

After dinner, we watched a movie, The Awkward Moment, and had our dessert of Brownies, Ice Cream and Strawberries. Yummy. Once the movie ended it was bedtime for us.

The day had been such a lovely relaxing family day. Just what I wanted.

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