Day 4 – Lake Windermere

After publishing my blog last night Mabel awoke with sick all down her. It meant lots of cuddles, a change of all clothes and back to bed. I didn’t hear anything from her again until the morning, where I noticed she was snuffly. My baby girl was ill.

minnie mouse dressing gown

Although she seemed to not be bothered by it too much.

baby walker

With much deliberation we still decided to press ahead with our plans to go to Lake Windermere. I am so glad we did as the lake was stunning.

lake windermere
lake windermere
lake windermere

We made a pitstop at a pub before we had to head off to uncle Jim’s.

This meant it was a great opportunity for Mabel to have her nappy changed a couple of times in the space of 5 mins. Poo face.

When we did make it to uncle Jim’s it very quickly turned into a photoshoot.

To be fair where he lived was gorgeous that I managed to capture the sun setting over the countryside.

countryside view

While at dinner it was uncle Jim’s first time at holding Mabel. Sillyness was definitely in order before it was time to get Mabel back for bed.

Now little snuffly munchkin is fast asleep. Shhh.

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