Day 2 – Settling In

Last night didn’t exactly go to plan. With Mabel teething she woke up a few times wanting her dummy. Yawn. At 6:20am I awoke to nails scratching the side of the travel cot. Its that awful sound like nails on a chalk board. Ahhh. The usual play time in bed with mummy and daddy didn’t exactly go to plan either.

A quick feed and another nap later it was time for porridge. Mabel gobbled up a whole bowl full, had a little bit more milk, then threw up on me. Lovely. So I guess I did need the other outfits that had to stay behind.

After breakfast we decided to go for a walk along the track, even though it was cloudy and grizzly outside. I popped Mabel into her snowsuit and put her in the carrier and off we went.┬áIt was cold and windy but extremely refreshing to get out and about. I don’t think Mabel was impressed too much by the countryside but still I didn’t hear a peep out of her.

countryside view
countryside view

Lunch consisted of heading into the nearest village to a quaint little cafe. The food was simple but very well done and after 2 courses I just couldn’t attempt to have a dessert too. Through the whole lunch Mabel was chatty, playful and extremely happy and seemed to be the entertainment in the place.

Upon our return to the farmhouse the sun was shining and the sky was clear.

countryside view
countryside view

I did think about sitting outside with a glass of wine, but I very quickly decided against it when I felt how cold the wind was. Never mind. Inside playtime was much more fun.

Today seemed to be up and down. Mabel’s sleeping routine has been thrown out the window and now when she is meant to be in bed she is very much awake.

I hope today has just been a slight hiccup and we will of settled in with routines by tomorrow.

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