Day 3 – Rainy Day

Mabel stirred again last night so I was up and down like a yoyo. Not only that but the dog was barking downstairs at something that my mind started racing thinking someone had broken in. I think it was 3am before I finally managed to get some sleep and little munchkin didn’t wake again until 8am. Yes 5 hours of rest.

Mabel’s morning routine was pretty much sorted to having playtime in granny and grumps bed, but only after her breakfast. This allowed me to grab a cup of tea and get myself dressed.

When the rest of us were having breakfast it seemed a perfect time to give Mabel a rusk to munch on. She definitely loved it, although some did end up on the floor for the dog to have.

baby led weaning

She then scooted around the kitchen in her walker and eventually crashed it into the cupboard. Oh dear.

baby walker

We eventually ventured out and about even though the weather was awful, but because we were going to a garden centre it didn’t really matter. The garden centre was the best one I have been to. It was enormous with absolutely everything in it including lots of Easter things. Mabel did get the rabbit in headlights expression down to perfection.

easter bunny ears

After lots of shopping we needed to refuel with some lunch. We ended up at a small pub by a little boating dock and had a quick bite to eat. It was still raining outside but we still went for a short walk with Mabel before heading back to the house for the evening.

When we got in it was playtime in the lounge.

The books that granny bought from the garden centre were also going down well.

baby books

Mabel seemed to be nice and cosy in front of the fire until….

…she got extremely tired. Time for the bedtime routine.

Bath, bottle and bed all went smoothly and now we are planning tomorrows adventures.

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