Day 5 – Muker and Hawes

This morning saw lots of cuddles in bed as well as Mabel deciding to pull my hair. Ouch.

family time

While Mabel went for her morning playtime with granny and grumps, it was time to give the dog some much needed attention.

But even that got spoiled by myself and Doug getting distracted by a sheep off on a morning stroll past the house.

countryside view

When Mabel came back downstairs we decided to try and feed her some Avacado that needed to be eaten. I mushed up half of one and mixed a little bit of milk in with it. I have never seen her take to something so quickly.

weaning avocado

This bowl full was all gobbled up and she still had room for a bit of milk.

weaning avocado

Once Mabel was full it was onwards to Muker. In order to get there you had to go up, along and down this rather large hill. (It was more like a mountain). There were steep drops off the side of the road and I had a tad touch of vertigo. When we arrived at Muker it was such a small village and very remote.


At one stage I thought I was in Emmerdale.


After having a little walk about we headed back over the hillside to Hawes for some lunch. At this point Mabel hadn’t slept since her morning nap but she definitely did not look tired at all.

While at lunch Mabel and grumps were trying to work out what granny was talking about.

Apparently it was really funny.

After we headed to a supermarket called Booths. I have never heard of it. A northern thing maybe? We got our bits to cook a stew and headed back to the house. When we got in at 5:20 Mabel still hadn’t slept, so it was a quick play before the routine started and off she went to bed.

Now its time for a glass of wine before I head for bed too.

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