Day 6 – Kendal and Messy Breakfast

Yawn. For some reason Mabel was wide awake at 5:30am. What better way to entertain ourselves at that time than to take funny photos, and annoy daddy while he is sleeping.

family time


family time

Now for breakfast which should go without a hitch. Nope. We tried a wedge of Melon in order for her to feed herself. Yeah like that happened.

weaning melon

We then tried Avocado as yesterday she loved it. In a spoonful went, she whizzed it around her mouth and then spat it back out.

weaning reaction

Option 3 was milk and of course went straight down.


We headed off to Kendal after breakfast for a walk and a bit of window shopping. I did end up buying something, only a book from oxfam but it was at a bargain price and a brand new book. After some lunch at a pub we headed off back to the house. I guess today was hard work.

maxi cosi carseat

The afternoon was spent mucking about and I wondered if Mabel looked like me with glasses on. Apparently she does a bit.

She also was practising her cheerleading. Toe touch anyone.

I think the day was topped off when daddy decided to read a book ‘Hugless Douglas’ to Mabel. I think she rather enjoyed it.

Not long after it was bedtime and Mabel is currently snoring next to me now. Bless, I do love that little munchkin so much.

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