Day 7 – Kirkby Lonsdale and One Snotty Girl

Oh dear. We have one snotty girlie. Mabel’s cold has got worse to which she now has a sore throat, a cough and her nose is streaming.

baby has a cold

We were meant to go swimming this morning for the first time, but decided against it. I don’t think it would of helped at all with Mabel feeling ill. Bless her.

baby has a cold

Instead we got Mabel ready to go to another little town. Look at her rosey cheeks. She is also teething so we gave her a shot of calpol before we left.

baby has a cold

We went to Kirkby Lonsdale and had a little stroll along the river, which was flowing rather quickly from all the rain we have had.

kirkby lonsdale

Again it was another lovely town with great views.

kirkby lonsdale

This is the church that we wandered around the grounds of. One of the entrances went through a little courtyard. So cute.

kirkby lonsdale

Not too far from the church was a pub that granny and grumps had booked a table at. A reserved buggy spot was created for Mabel.

lunch with family

We left quite swiftly after as poorly Mabel needed to be back at the house so she could rest. We made it back in time for the sunset.


Today has been a bit of a grizzly day. I hope munchkin feels better tomorrow.

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