Day 8 – Lunch With Family

We are now a week into our holiday and today’s activities just involves one thing. Lunch with granny, grumps, uncle Jim and uncle Barney. I made sure to wrap Mabel up nice and warm, and what better way than to wear great nans knitted cardigan. So cute.

knitted cardigan

The place we were going to was about 45 mins away down a single lane track, and I drove. I think I screamed every time someone was coming the other way because you had to find a place where you could pass each other. When we got to The inn at Whitewell and looked back on where we had come from, our starting point was somewhere of the hill, and maybe another and another.

countryside view

Mabel thoroughly enjoyed being at the head of the table and took charge straight away.

baby head of the table

Check out the view behind her.

lunch with family

I dont think Mabel was impressed with my selfie taking……….

lunch with family

……..but enjoyed having pictures with daddy.

lunch with family

After having the most wonderful lunch, can’t go wrong with a steak and a couple of beers, we headed back. As we were nearly at the house I took this picture of the snow on top of a hill. I thought it looked rather pretty.

countryside view

Its nice to have a day where not much is happening. We can just enjoy the company of family and the surroundings we are in.

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