Day 9 – Mothers Day

Today is my 1st Mothers Day and all I need is my little girl. I am so lucky to wake up to this smiley munchkin every morning.

first mothers day

She just loves life even when she is ill.

first mothers day

And she makes me the happiest mummy in the world.

first mothers day

I received a lovely card from Mabel and a cup of tea in bed.

first mothers day


mothers day card

When Mabel went to daddy so I could actually drink my tea she wasn’t too amused.

baby funny face

We all went down for breakfast and Mabel decided she wanted to feed herself.

trying to feed herself

After a bit of mess it was time to get ready for the day. Mabel has to constantly wear bibs as she drools everywhere. But she still looks cute.

drool bibs

I played about with Mabel in the living room while daddy cooked a roast for the family. I haven’t had a roast in ages. There’s usually no time. We made sure Mabel wasn’t left out by making a plate full for her. She had carrot, potato and parsnip all mashed up.

baby mini roast

As you can see that all went down rather easily.

empty baby plate

She washed it down with a tiny bit of milk. The little determined munchkin tried to do it herself, but I think she ended up wearing most of it.

baby trying to drink

Now we are full up and just about ready for bed. This has been our last day here as we head home tomorrow, and it has been a good day to end on.

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