Our First Family Holiday – Day 1 – Getting There

This is where it begins! Excitement, Nervous, Stressed, Nauseous.
I had planned today for a few weeks now making sure I had noted down every single thing that we needed to take away with us. It’s not like we were going to Mars or anything, it’s only Yorkshire. My in-laws had booked a holiday let Farmhouse in Yorkshire for a few weeks and so we thought we would tag along for 9 nights. Our first family holiday.

We loaded up the car this morning while Mabel was being fed so we could leave quickly. Has anyone else been frustrated with having to play a game of Tetris making sure everything fits in the car? I had to condense down the clothes I was taking so it would all fit into one bag. Wearing the same thing for a week is OK right?

So we drove for a couple of hours until Mabel woke up and that was our cue to pull over at a service station. After a quick change and feed for all of us, we were back on the road.

As we were driving, about 40 minutes away from our destination we started to go across countryside. It was the most picturesque scenery I had seen. Not only that but we drove through tiny villages that wouldn’t be out of place on a postcard. Gorgeous.

countryside view

Finally we got onto the last road that led to the farmhouse. Now they said it was a Farm Road but I don’t think I had prepared myself for how bumpy it was. I was a bit worried that the car might not make it.

When we pulled up I couldn’t believe at how gorgeous the Farmhouse was and the setting it was in.

countryside view

In the middle of nowhere.

countryside view

Now this is truly where the holiday begins.

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