REN Clean Skincare

REN clean skincare

I had seen REN advertised everywhere and at £36 for a 30ml bottle of the Instant Firming Beauty Shot, I wanted to give it a try first.

The Beauty Shot is a lifting and firming serum that makes your skin smoother, tighter and overall more youthful.

I applied the product to a clean face on a morning where I looked and felt incredibly tired. (With a baby tiredness is a constant thing). The result was that not only did my skin go tight and then smooth within 30 minutes, but it plumped up my skin and hydrated it to make me look well rested.

I only had enough in the tube for 2 applications but from what I have experienced so far I have been pleasantly surprised with this product, but I am not sure yet about parting with £36 for a bottle. (A possible present again).

*The company were giving away a free sample size of this product to anyone who applied. All opinions are my own.
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