Update On Our Burns

As my previous post noted both Mabel and me were being seen on Wednesday 1st April, myself at the A & E department and Mabel at Broomfield’s Children’s Burns Unit.

The day before I had to take Mabel to the doctors because she had a rash around the burn on her tummy. They said it was fine and just an allergic reaction to something.

When we took her to Broomfield’s the doctors had a look at her burns, but it was the rash that was concerning them. They admitted her into the hospital that night and it was the scariest heart-wrenching thing ever. I stayed at the hospital with her but hardly got any sleep.

baby in hospital
Mabel settled in the hospital

In the morning we were told that she will have to stay in for another 24 hours, but at lunchtime when they checked her burns and rash we were told she could go home. Her rash had gone down and it was the perfect outline of the dressing she had on. It was an allergic reaction to something in the glue of the dressing. Her thigh also seemed to be healing well but her arm had got worse and we just had to wait it out to see if surgery is needed.

While I was Broomfield’s I asked if it was possible for them to check my burn as the A & E department near me had signed me over to my doctor’s surgery but it was really hurting. When the doctor came to check it, they noticed I did not feel pain in part of it which wasn’t a good thing. The part that was hurting was healing well but the other part was white and I was told it is a lot deeper and I will be left with a scar at the very least, but surgery may also be needed.

Since then we have had more appointments but the good news is on Thursday 9th April Mabel was left with only a little tiny bandage on her arm. Everything is healing so well and fingers crossed this last little bit is doing the same.

I also had good news in that the deep burns have now started to heal and I can feel some pain. I will be left with a scar but as long as my little girl is ok, I am happy.

arm bandaged
Still happy regardless of what has happened.
We still have to go back for a few more appointments, but we are on the right track.
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