Bank Holiday Fun

Bank Holidays are such an exciting time in my household because my husband gets an extra day with Mabel. Over the past week he has missed out on hearing Mabel say her first word which to everyone’s surprise was ‘Mum’. Apparently they usually say ‘Dada’ first but not my little girl. To be fair she hasn’t really said it since but I can’t wait for him to hear her. I just feel he was a little disheartened to of missed something else for the first time.

However over the past few days we have had lots of family time where Mabel has experienced her first proper homemade meal and we even managed to go swimming for the first time.

So here is our bank holiday fun in photos. 

Mabel playing at breakfast time

Watching the Monaco Grand Prix

An afternoon walk full of laughter

A quick pit stop at the pub

Finally we de-weeded the flower beds and put new plants in.

Watching the Falconry display and the spitfire going over at the Sharnbrook Summer Fete. 

First time swimming

Afternoon stroll in the park

Holding the bottle herself

Mabel playing on her swing at nanny and grandads house.

Cuddles with nanny

Playing with grandads phone

I do love it when we get to spend time as a family.

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