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Establishing a bedtime routine with your baby is a very trying time. We wanted to start when Mabel was a couple of months old in order for her to understand what was happening next. I would say to anyone starting a bedtime routine that it takes a lot of commitment and perseverance but when it works you feel incredible.

When Mabel was 10 weeks old we had been struggling with getting her down to sleep at night in less than 1 1/2 hours. We were tired, rarely had time to eat and we were a little bit frustrated, but we didn’t know any better. I had heard all about putting in a bedtime routine and how it helps your little one understand what is to come next and what is expected. So we tried it!

The first couple of weeks we made sure that we followed the routine. Even coming off the routine now and again would mean we might struggle that bit more. My husband works in London Monday to Friday and we pick him up at the station at 7:10 pm every night, so we had to make sure we factored that in it as well.

Our routine looked a little bit like this:

Mon – Fri 
7:10 pm Pick up daddy from the train station.
7:30 pm A little bit of playtime with daddy
7:50/8pm Either Bath then get ready for bed or straight into getting ready for bed which consisted of changing into a sleepsuit and sleeping bag.
8:10 pm Bottle
8:30 pm Bed

6:50/7pm Either Bath then get ready for bed or straight into getting ready for bed.
7:10 pm Bottle
7:30 pm Bed

We bathed Mabel every other day so as you can see the timings would change slightly, but as long as the routine was kept the same it seemed to work. As the days and then weeks went by we noticed Mabel had started to take less time in getting herself to sleep, and on New Year’s Eve after a couple of weeks of the routine being in place Mabel started sleeping through the night. I think it was because she felt comfortable with the routine and knew it was time to go to bed. She has been such an incredible star with it all. Only now has she started waking in the night again but only because she wants her dummy and then she drifts back off again. The whole process of bedtime she thoroughly understands and it is such a joy to do.
Mabel asleep in her sleeping bag.
I understand that as Mabel gets older the routine would need to be changed to go along with her age, but I am hoping that the sooner we can put it into place then the better. Yet again we will have to persevere.

What routine have you got in place for your little ones or even older ones?
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