No More Hospital Appointments

I can now finally say that both myself and Mabel no longer have anymore hospital appointments.

Don’t mind me while I do a little dance around the house.

I am so happy!

After I found out that I did not need to go back.

Mabel was discharged from the hospital on April 24th after a month of utter panic of not knowing if she would need an operation or not. We have been told her red marks from the burns should go, but it will take up to 2 years before she is back to normal. Even then she will need to wear factor 50 sun cream for the rest of her life, and when she tans she will tan differently in the burn areas, meaning it will be noticeable. 

I was discharged on May 23rd because unfortunately there was a little burn section on my leg that refused to fuse together. It finally did and has caught up with the other parts in the healing process. It is still unclear on how big of a scar I will be left with and I too have to wear factor 50 sun cream. 
To sum it all up I am extremely thankful that we are both fine and no operations were needed.

Look out for a blog that I will be putting up during the week June 1st-7th with a couple of photos to raise awareness of accidents that can happen and to be vigilant.

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