Pink Parcel May 2015 Review

Pink parcel is a monthly subscription box that contains all the things you need for ‘that time of the month’, as well as a few treats to make you feel a bit more comfortable. You are able to choose which brand of tampon and towel you would like as well as what absorbency size you require, so you don’t need to change what you currently use.

I absolutely love that they do a teen box because I think when your young and your body changes it is a confusing/difficult time.

All you need to do is let pink parcel know when your period is due so that they can send you your parcel to arrive on time, usually 3-5 days before you are due to start. Unfortunately, I did not receive my parcel and with emails backwards and forwards from the customer service department, they sent out a replacement. By the time I received it my period was long gone, which makes it inconvenient.

pink parcel

When the parcel did arrive inside was a little drawstring For Now bag that came with 4 tampons. This made it great to just pop it into my everyday bag ready for the day’s activities.

pink parcel

I received two For Later boxes each filled with tampons to put into my bathroom cupboard ready for when I needed them.

pink parcel

Inside the For You box was some lovely little treats:

pink parcel

Anatomicals Botanical Hydrating Rose Face Mask
RRP £4
This face mask is a soft cloth mask with a rose extract and is designed to hydrate your skin. Recently I have been trying out different face masks and I am looking forward to using a cloth one.

L’occitane en Provence Immortalle Essential Water (50ml)
RRP 200ml £18
This is an alcohol-free toner that removes makeup and soothes the skin to make it fresh and energized. I love anything that helps to remove that last little bit of makeup and grime to create a plumped fresh look.

Green Apples Scent Melt 
RRP £2
A handmade candle scent melt from the Flamingo Candles company. In order for it to melt you need to place it in an oil burner with a tealight below it. Then as it melts it will release a powerful aroma. To be able to use this I need to buy an oil burner and would of much rather of had a candle instead, but the idea of an aroma of green apples intrigues me.

Richard Ward Wheat Nutrient Masque (75ml)
RRP £14.50
An intense treatment that is used instead of your usual conditioner to nourish your hair. It leaves the hair bouncy, soft and full of body.

Also in the box was a Montezuma’s Organic Butterscotch Chocolate bar and a Fudge Kitchen Drinking Fudge sachet. Both items are little sweet treats for when you need a bit of relaxation and comfort.

Overall with the amount of hassle I had and the parcel not arriving on time, it makes the whole concept pointless. What you get for £9.99 a month (including P&P) is really good and the treats are fantastic, but that is if you receive it on time, or at all. I may try Pink Parcel again in the future if the company smooths out the issues. If you would like to give them a go then you can get your first box for an introductory offer of £5.95 here.
*I purchased this Pink Parcel box for myself. All opinions are my own.*
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