2 Minute Miracle Gel

The 2 Minute Miracle Gel by Ice Elements is said to repair and restore your skin to leave it looking youthful by removing the top layer of dead skin cells. It is designed to be used on all skin types, for men or women and for all ages.

2 minute miracle gel

To apply spread a thin layer of the gel over the neck, face or other areas you wish to rejuvenate. After 45-60 seconds the gel will liquefy, gently rub the skin in circular motions using your fingers tips to remove the dead cells. After another minute of doing this rinse with warm water and your skin should feel softer and look brighter. 
I received 2 3ml sachets to try in order to base my review on, because apparently, you should notice a difference after 1 use. I applied it on my face and neck in the morning and the gel did ball up with dead skin cells. Unfortunately, I did not notice a difference and my skin did not feel smooth and rejuvenated.

 For £34.95 for 2oz it is expensive whereas you could get products that are similar and cheaper from fantastic brands such as Elemis, Olay, Clarins and many many more. I feel the product should be a lot cheaper then more people might give it a try. It didn’t work for me but whose to say it might not work for someone else as there have been some good reviews on it, but people won’t buy at the price it is now.

I would much prefer to stick with other products that have worked such as the REN Beauty Shot serum in order to freshen up my skin.

*I received 2 sample sachets of the 2 Minute Miracle Gel. All opinions are my own*

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