Baking Storage

I have grown up not being too overly enthusiastic about baking until I became a mother. The thought of teaching Mabel how to bake and it being a mother daughter activity creates such a big smile on my face. I am in the process of teaching myself to make many different recipes so I will know how to make them in the future. 
The slight problem has been things were hard to find by everything being out of place. It made the idea of baking feel like such a chore. I had plain flour in one cupboard, eggs on the counter top, cake toppings somewhere in a drawer, my baking trays mixed up with other baking trays, the baking utensils being used to make dinner.
Enough was enough!
I needed to get organised so I could feel excited.
I decided to turn the kitchen dresser into my baking storage. With kilner jars labelled and lined up on the side, drawers with utensils and cupboards full of cake tins and baking trays, I can now see all the things that I have in one place.

baking storage dresser

baking storage

 I now want to bake everyday.

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