Bitrex Taste Test

Children love to explore and experience new things, it’s how they learn. But there might be a time where they will get hold of something they shouldn’t, no matter how safe you think your home is. 
Bitrex is a bitter substance that even the tiniest drop in harmful products will make a child spit it out, if they have consumed some. Therefore it is protecting them from harm as it is virtually impossible for them to swallow.
Don’t believe me, we did the Bitrex Taste Test
                   It gradually got worse.                                                     Smug husband pretending he didn’t mind it.

My parents even gave it a go.

When it comes to choosing harmful products look out for the Bitrex logo to give you that extra reassurance. 
If you agree that Bitrex should be in included in many more harmful products to help protect against accidental poisoning then sign the petition
Now why don’t you give it a go and organise a Taste Test and help raise the awareness of Bitrex.

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