Bold 2 in 1 Pearls

A few weeks ago I signed up to be a member of the Savvy Circle on the Super Savvy Me website, and through it applied to be apart of the Bold 2 in 1 Pearls project team. I received a starter kit that included a pack of 12 Bold 2 in 1 Pearls Lavender and Camomile capsules as well as 8 sample packs. 
Mabel excited to do some washing

Bold 2 in 1 Pearls is a detergent that also contains the fragrance of Lenor to leave your washing smelling fresh and clean. It uses this combination of cleaning power and fragrance to create beautiful smelling washing that is long lasting. 
There are 4 different fragrances: 
Lavender and Camomile, 
Rose Blush and Peony, 
Orange Blossom and Pomegranate, 
White Lily and Crystal Rain. 

Bold 2 in 1 Capsule

It is easy to use by just popping 1 or 2 capsules, (depending on how soiled or how large your washing is), into the bottom of the drum and load it up with washing. Press go and put your feet up. Simple. 
When it comes to laundry detergents and conditioners I generally do not have a clue which one to get. I look for non-bio capsules because they are great for Mabel’s clothes, but usually, I end up buying what brand is on offer.  

With the Bold 2 in 1 Pearls, I was pleasantly surprised with how fresh and clean everything was. Yes, I did have a little hiccup with a couple of stains that would not go with just 1 wash, but overall the smell of everything was incredible. I will definitely be trying out the other fragrances to see which one I like the best. 

RRP: £3.99 for 12, £5.99 for 18, £8.99 for 29, £11 for 38

*I received this product for free as part of the supersavvyme savvy circle marketing project. All opinions are my own.

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