Sassy Bloom Box June 2015

Our Second Sassy Bloom Box has arrived. I am so excited to find out what little treats are inside for Mabel. If you did not see my first box review you can check it out here or why not watch my video review.


If you do not know what Sassy Bloom do, then I can help you.
They are a monthly subscription service that creates a box full of baby products for your child by age and gender. Sassy Bloom caters for pregnant woman in their 3rd trimester up to toddlers of 2 years old.
The monthly cost differs depending on what type of subscription you take out.
£29 per box when you pay monthly
£28 per box for 3 months
£26.50 per box for 6 months
£25 per box annuallyAnd the value of all the contents in the box is at least £40.

This months items were:

Baby Dan Fingersafe
RRP £2.99
This is a foam clip that you mount onto doors in order to stop them slamming shut and therefore prevent little fingers from getting caught in doors. It shouldn’t be too long until Mabel is on the move with either crawling or walking, so I am very happy that this simple product can protect her from an accident occurring.



Munckin Wonder Waterway
RRP £5.99
This toy is for the bath and has 3 individual characters, tumble beads, spinner wheel and an extending spiral slide, that each have a different play function. When you put them all together it creates a fun waterway. Mabel loves bath time so having a toy that she can engage with will really help her coordination.

munchkin waterway

Plush Giant Caterpillar
RRP £9
This toy is brightly coloured and super soft that when a child shakes it you can hear a rattling sound. I must say Mabel has quite a few plush toys now but I am sure she will enjoy this anyway.

plush caterpillar rattle

Socks On (6-12 months)
RRP £6
Socks on are handy little invention that you put on over your babies socks in order for them to stay on their feet. I don’t know how many times I have opened the car door to find 1 sock has been pulled off and now is somewhere in the car, or going out for walk we have come close to losing socks every single time. Hopefully no more.

sock ons

Gumigem Miller Pendant – Bubblegum
RRP £12.95
This necklace is for mothers who no longer can wear jewellery because of their little one’s fascination with pulling it off and breaking it. When carrying your little darling they now have something to grab and chew on. I stopped wearing necklaces because of the reason Mabel liked to pull it, but I am hoping she will chew on this and also stop pulling my hair at the same time.

gumigem pendant

Nuby Grip and Sip
RRP £2.99
This cup is specifically designed for little ones to hold and drink out of by themselves. With a non-spill valve, I have high hopes that Mabel should be able to grasp the idea of drinking on her own very soon.

nuby grip n sip

Overall the value of the contents in the box came to £39.92 which is just under what sassy bloom claim is their minimum value of the box at £40. However, I do love everything in the box and the value of the box last month was amazing.

*I purchased this Sassy Bloom box for myself. All opinions are my own.*

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