Next Stage of Weaning 7+ Months

I can honestly say I have been totally confused with this next stage of weaning. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. 
Do I give Mabel the food we are having? What foods is she definitely not allowed yet? Will she be able to eat this or will she just choke on it?
Many questions went through my head and it turned out I was just being scared for nothing. Mabel showed me she was grasping the whole eating thing and it was fascinating to watch. The only time she gets upset is when I am in the process of doing her food and she can see it, but she is just impatient. I wonder where she gets that from!
She has outgrown the pureed food and is now onto the lumpy kind, which is great for her to get her little teeth into. 
The shop bought products that we have been using for this stage are:
Ellas Kitchen Pouches
Hipp Organic Jars
Mamia Pouches
Cow and Gate Porridge
Cow and Gate Cereal
In the mornings I sometimes give Mabel some toast to go with her porridge or cereal. She will either tip the bowl of toast upside down so they go all over the floor, or she will try and fit as many pieces in her mouth as possible.

‘I wonder how many pieces I can fit in my mouth’

When it comes to snacks I try and give Mabel healthy things like some banana or recently cucumber sticks as I heard they are great for little ones to chew on. The thing is Mabel hasn’t grasped that cucumber is food. Instead she will use it as some sort of toy and will carry it around with her.
The other snack that Mabel loves is pom bears because they are easy for her to eat. Again with these if she has a few in front of her she will try and fit them all in her mouth, but of course most end up on the floor. I try and only give her a few of these because at the end of the day they are just crisps. 
The one thing I have been extremely happy about is the fact that Mabel has taken to family meals extremely well. We have managed to have a few meals at the table together where we all have the same thing such as Vegetable Spaghetti Bolognese.

‘Yummy’ Vegetable Spaghetti Bolognese

Mabel’s Food Diary each day is:
7am – 7oz Formula Milk
10am – Porridge/Cereal with toast
1:30pm – A Hipp jar/food pouch/homemade dinner and some fruit (Sometimes a few pom bears if she is still hungry)
5pm – 7oz Formula Milk
8pm – 7oz Formula Milk
Overall I started this stage of weaning as a total nervous wreck, but by watching and allowing Mabel to take control she taught me there was nothing to worry about.
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