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Over the weekend both myself and my husband took Mabel for a little break to Bournemouth. I had been excited to go for a while and hoped the weather would be amazing, but it was 50/50.
On Friday we made the 3 hour journey down in which Mabel slept the whole way. We arrived too early to check in so grabbed some lunch at the hotel until our room was ready. Our room ended up being a suite with 2 incredibly large windows that overlooked the pool out the front and the sea. 

There was plenty of room to put Mabel’s cot up and space for her to play about on the floor. She loved the space and put her new found skill of crawling to the test. She was everywhere. 

After we unpacked we headed down to the beach for a walk and to get some ice cream. With the sun shining it was perfect and I think Mabel did end up liking the ice cream in the end. Some funny faces were being pulled to start with but I think it was because it was something new that she had not experienced before.

Ready for Ice Cream

In the evening we went to see some of Doug’s family because they live not too far away. It was great for them to see how much Mabel had grown and for her to interact with them, of course she loved being centre of attention.
We ended up getting an early night in because it was going to be a busy day on Saturday. The whole reason for going to Bournemouth was to support my friends and old team, who were taking part in the Cheerleading competition that is on every year at the BIC. It is a massive event in the cheerleaders calender and 1000’s of competitors embark on Bournemouth for the weekends competition.

Mabel getting ready for the day by practising her photo face. 

Throughout the whole day I was on my own because Doug had to go into London for a wedding and I was extremely nervous. Yet again my precious little girl was so well behaved everything was so easy. 
I had bought Mabel’s headphones with us as it can get extremely loud in the BIC and I can’t recommend them enough. They were incredible that Mabel managed to get 2 naps in when the music was blaring really loudly. 
It was lovely to see her smiling all day even at new faces and she got a lot of cuddles in. I also loved seeing my friends compete and couldn’t believe how incredible the routines were. It makes me miss cheerleading so much, being a apart of team, having lots of fun. 

What is that? It’s shiny and there is lots of bits to grab.

The competition was badly organised and I was thankful to my friends that helped with entertaining Mabel. Even if she did decide to spit her dummy out on the floor for us to get on our hands and knees searching for it, for us to soon realise it had bounced on the floor and into a bag of Doritos. Yum.
After being inside for a long time we resurfaced and headed to the beach for Mabel’s first experience being on sand. She immediately picked up a handful of sand and watched it run between her fingers before rubbing her eyes. Yikes! 

Yum a Rice Cake
I don’t think she was impressed with the beach.

After this she got a bit grumpy so it was back to the hotel for bedtime.

On Sunday it was meant to be a day of being at the beach and having a dip in the sea, but unfortunately the weather was awful. This did not dampen our spirits.

After a quick visit to see some friends it was about time for us to head home. 

Ready to go home

The 3 hour journey went by quite quickly and I was thankful to be home. 

It was such a great weekend that I can’t wait to do something like this again with Mabel. 

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