Sassy Bloom Box August 2015

This is our 4th Sassy Bloom box and yet again Mabel was extremely happy and excited to see what she got.


This subscription service has been fantastic and is such a nice little treat each month. Mabel always has to get everything out of the box before she decides which toy she is going to play with first.

This months box included:

First Steps Stacking Cups
RRP £4.99
I have been waiting for these stacking cups to be in our box because I think they are great for playing and learning. Mabel loves these and takes a couple of the cups around with her. She is still yet to learn to stack them but it will only be a matter of time.

Fun Time Busy Phone
RRP £5.99
This toy says from 6 months but with Mabel being 10 months she is a little bit old for this. The button is quite stiff to press to make the squeak noise and there is nothing else on it that interests Mabel. I feel this would of probably been better if I got it in an earlier box when she was close to 6 months.

Fun Time Spinning Horses Merry Go Round
RRP £11.99
This Spinning Merry Go Round is great to occupy Mabel for a few minutes. She can push down on the top and watch the horses spin around. Again this might of been better a few months ago when Mabel was around 6 months old.
Munchkin Squirt ‘n’ Strain Fruit Basket
RRP £5.99
This looks like it will be a fun toy for bath time. We have not used it yet as we have a lot of bath toys at the moment but I am sure when we do Mabel will love squirting water at us.
Nuby Cover All & Bandana Bib
RRP £5.99
This cover up is amazing. It is the right material for Mabel to wear when she is a little bit older and can start painting and being creative. For now it works well at dinner time because you can easily wipe it clean.
Doidy Cup
RRP £3.80
This is a training cup which I have not used yet. I will use it at some point as it seems to be a nice little training cup for Mabel, even though the design looks a bit weird.
Baby Dan Multi Lock
RRP £5.90
I love finding these safety items in the box as it has come at a perfect time. Mabel has started getting into all the cupboards and slamming them shut again. We have put this straight on a cupboard and it helps protect her fingers and to prevent her from grabbing any dangerous items
This months box hasn’t been that great. There are a couple of items that Mabel has not really had an interest in because she is a bit old for them. They might have been better in an earlier box. I am hoping next month’s box of goodies is more appropriate for Mabel’s age, as it could be that she is at an in between age for some toys.
To sum it up the contents of this box came to £44.65
Why not check out my previous boxes May 2015, June 2015, and July 2015 to find out more about this subscription service.
*I purchased this Sassy Bloom box for myself. All opinions are my own.*
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