1st Trimester Update

13 Week Bump

To start things off I am 14 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow. The time has flown by with this pregnancy because I have Mabel keeping me busy day in and day out, but it has been the hardest time so far. 

Last year I had really bad dizzy spells when pregnant with Mabel and unfortunately they have resurfaced. It is not a great feeling trying to get out and about when these dizzy spells just suddenly come on. 
A new symptom this year has been back pain which I had briefly before being pregnant, and it happens on a daily basis. I have been trying out some Deep Freeze Cold Patches as they are a drug free pain relief for pregnant women. You can check out how I got on with them here.
The final and most hideous symptom I have had is morning sickness. It is twice as bad as last year and is ongoing all day and night. So far I have had it for 9 weeks, with no sign of it easing up any time soon. Bless all Mabel has been wanting to do is play, not watch her mummy with her head over the toilet. 
When I met my midwife who I had last year, it was noted down that I am under high risk because of the complications I had delivering Mabel. This then means I will be having consultant appointments on top of everything else to talk about what method of delivery is best this time. I just want it to go smoothly this time. 
So now I am into the second trimester and this is where the fun begins. I am hoping symptoms especially the sickness will ease off or disappear altogether, I can dream, and soon my little one will be kicking my insides as if it’s a game. Not only that but in 6 weeks we will hopefully be finding out if we are having a little brother or a sister for Mabel. 
The next few months are very exciting.
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