Family Time

Weekends are such an exciting time for me because it means we get to spend time together as a family. Yes there is the odd day or half day that my husband has to do jobs around the house and garden, but we always manage to squeeze in time to give Mabel both our attention.
Yesterday on our usual walk around the park we decided to get Mabel out of her pram so she could see and touch new things. 
As the weather was quite nice we let Mabel venture off on her own along the grass.

I have to say she did make a run for it, (well a crawl for it), and thoroughly loved the independence as well as experiencing the new surroundings. 

At this point I was feeling rather hungry so it was decided we would have lunch out. (Such a treat.) Mabel was so sweet and enjoyed eating all the things mummy and daddy were. I quickly took a snap of us both before we headed home. 

Having even a couple of hours to do something as a family is definitely better than none. Plus we need to enjoy time as a family of 3 before Mabel will have to share us with her sibling. Hmm I wonder how that will go. Only time will tell.
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