Garnier Ultralift Day Cream

Being someone that suffers from bad skin, (even more so through this pregnancy), I am ALWAYS on the look out to trying new products and brands. After seeing Garnier giving away a 14 day trial of there Ultralift Anti-ageing Day Cream, I thought I would give it a whirl. 

I received 14 sachets of the cream to use every single morning on my face. Not only that but you get given a wrinkle reader in the pack where you can compare your face from before and after the 14 days. Now I must point out that I don’t think my wrinkles were on the reader, give it a few years and they might just be. 

This cream is easy to apply which helps when mornings are very hectic and the simpler the things are the better. I think the thing I loved most is the smell of it. (When your pregnant and a smell does not make you gag, it is an achievement). It did also make a difference to my overall complexion, which I noticed after only using the cream for a few days. For once I actually looked half decent with no make up on and firmly on my way to that pregnancy glow. 

The price is very good with the UltraLift Day Cream RRP: £9.50 (approx)

I am now looking into buying the Garnier UltraLift Eye Cream, as this area is in desperate need of some attention. 

*I received a 14 day sample of the Garnier UltraLift Day Cream. All opinions are my own.*

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