Keepsake Box

I think every parent finds it hard to throw away things that belong to their child. You go through the same things numerous amounts of times, trying to work out what to keep and what can go. 

For me I needed to keep some mementos but not to go over board, so I have a keepsake box in which I have kept things from when Mabel was born. 
So far inside the box I have:

Mabel’s 1st Sleepsuit and vest that she wore in the hospital.

The Hospital Tags that she had on her foot to say she was all mine. 
Her first hat that the hospital provided.
The Scan Photos.
2 Little outfits that Mabel wore in the hospital.

Mabel’s ‘My 1st Christmas’ hat.

I will continue to add to the box and hope I can keep it safe for when Mabel is older to share with her all these memories. 

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