Sassy Bloom Box September 2015

It’s that time again…………
our 5th Sassy Bloom Box has arrived. 

This subscription service is a fun way to shop, save money and discover new brands. You can find out more information on previous Sassy Bloom Box posts, May 2015, June 2015, July 2015 and August 2015.


The contents were:

Disney Muppets Cuddly Toy
RRP: £8.99
This cuddly toy is great to use from birth and is a little different to others we have got.

Melissa and Doug Flapping Flower
RRP £7.99
This wooden toy clicks as you flip the flower petals over, turning them from a row of colour to a yellow and white pattern.

Spilly Spoon – Medicine Spoon
RRP £4.99
On the box it suggest the age is from 0+, but with Mabel we found it easier to use a syringe at that age. Now she is 11 months we can make the transition from syringe to spoon. It is a lovely nifty design but I am hoping it is a little while before I need to give Mabel anymore medicine.

Cuddlydry Cuddleduck – Biege
RRP £5.99
I am a little bit confused with this product because it was suggested this is a cuddledry duck that when you press it, it gives a squeak. This does not happen due to there being no squeaker. For me it is just another bath toy.

Munchkin 10 Squirtin Sea Buddies
RRP £10
A tube full of squirting toys for bath time fun. Enough said.

This month’s box has been fine but I am really hoping next month I can get wowed by the contents, especially because Mabel is turning 1. After paying £29 a month for this subscription service, this month’s contents came to £37.96. (Not great)

*I purchased this Sassy Bloom box for myself. All opinions are my own.*
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