Halloween Is Great Fun But I Hate Being Scared.

We are very close to that day of fun and excitement. That day is Halloween!

It is the holiday where scary things are normal, children get to dress up how they want and knock on peoples houses to get sweets. Even the adults get involved with dressing up, decorating the house, throwing a party or pretending to only go out ‘trick or treating’ to supervise the children, when in fact they just want sweets too.

Halloween has become a lot bigger over the past few years as people get creative weeks in advance. It is not just purely about the one day. Activities such as baking and arts and crafts are a great thing to get the children involved in, as well as that all important fun task of picking out a pumpkin and carving it out. (Our pumpkin carving was to announce the gender of Baby No2)

This creativeness and getting the children involved is what makes me love Halloween, however I do not like the scary aspect that comes with the holiday. I am one of those people that absolutely HATE HATE HATE being scared and feel anxious around this time when all the adverts start popping up on the TV, showing what scary programs or films are on to coincide with the day.

I just can not think of anything worse than to be so scared that I get chills down my spine, I jump out of my skin or I will never be able to sleep again. I think the scariest thing for me to watch is probably the Jurassic Park/World films but to others this is nothing. Also I am fine with motion sensor decorations in the daytime but come darkness to me when they go off I feel they are possessed. (Even though I know they are just plastic things with batteries in).

So tomorrow when most people will be enjoying Halloween with the make believe coming to life, I will be creating a nice non scary atmosphere in my house with chocolates, sweets, a cup of tea, a nice comedy film and an outfit for my little girl that is not scary at all.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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