What Happens When A Stay At Home Mum Gets Sick

Over the past 5 days I have been rather ill but I found I just had to suck it up!

That’s right your own needs of wanting to rest up and get better are overshadowed by the fact that you have a little one to get dressed, play with, feed, and change numerous amounts of nappies, not to mention the long list of household duties including dinner for when your partner gets home. In an ideal world there would be a family member or friend that you can call to take your child for a few hours while you could recuperate, but unfortunately I did not have that available to me. Add being 5 months pregnant into the mix and everything seems such a struggle. I just had to survive through each day until I felt better.

A few things I learned through being ill that made it easier on me is that my 1 year old is very happy to play on her own so I could curl up on the sofa with a cuppa. She also had long naps that meant I could have a nap myself or just sit and do absolutely nothing.

Household duties for those days that I was ill can wait. I knew I would be feeling a lot better and back to normal within the week, so leaving things such as the washing or hoovering would not be the end of the world.
The most important thing was to not over do it. I might feel great for 5 minutes and decide to try and get something around the house done, but after a little while I would learn to truly regret even bothering. Just doing the minimum of looking after Mabel and myself was enough for now.
I suppose the great thing was at the weekend Doug was home so that I had the help I needed. If I wasn’t feeling too great I could go and have a lie down knowing that someone was there to sort Mabel out. 
So there you have it!
Remember if you have help available take it, but if not it is fine to let some things slide in the house.
How did you deal with being ill? What things did you find helped?

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