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As a member of the Savvy Circle on the Super Savvy Me website, I have been picked to be a part of the Always Discreet project.

I received a starter kit that included a pack of Always Discreet Pads for sensitive bladder, a pack of small pads, a pack of long pads and vouchers for £1 or £2.50 off pads/pants.
Always Discreet have a range of liners, pads and pants for those who may be suffering from a sensitive bladder. These liners and pads are 40% thinner than other similar brands and can absorb twice as much fluid as you might need, making you feel safe, comfortable and dry.
People who have a sensitive bladder usually shy away from talking about it, but if they would just pick up the courage to mention it, I bet they will find that they are not the only ones. Having a sensitive bladder is usually put down to age, but it is not just something that you may have as you get older. It it something that I have learned can happen anytime. Through my pregnancy’s I have been told to do pelvic floor exercises to strengthen my muscles because as many of you are aware little accidents can happen. Even after having a baby you still need to work on building those muscles up again and this can take time.

My weakness with bladder sensitivity is sneezing but rather than feel embarrassed about it, with Always Discreet I feel protected. The pads are comfortable to wear and come in many sizes for different absorbency meaning no more ‘oops’ moments. The only downside I found was the boxed liners were not individually wrapped like the pads were, so they were less discreet when putting into my handbag. 
For me the Always Discreet range are perfect and I can’t believe I did not try them sooner. 
RRP: £1.50 Liners, £2 Pads, £7.50 Pants
*I received this product for free as part of the supersavvyme savvy circle marketing project. All opinions are my own.*

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