Decluttering In Time For Christmas

We are only 5 weeks away from Christmas, but before you start to get into the fun of the festivities, now is the perfect time to do a pre-holiday clean/declutter.
I know, I know it is something you really don’t want to do right now as there are endless things still left to do for Christmas, such as present shopping, food shopping, decorations, school concerts, seeing friends and family.

However getting organised, whether it be a light clear out or a full clean before Christmas and New Year, means that in the long run you will be less stressed.

Well that is the idea I am taking. I want to be prepared for the influx of guests and presents that come with this holiday and not panic at the last stages, or after Christmas only have the mess from that day/week rather than all the years rubbish before. After Christmas you are always exhausted and would have eaten and drunk way more than you should have.

At the moment I am 25 weeks pregnant so all this tidying really needed to be done now before I don’t have the energy. It was quite nice going through old things working out what I could sell, give to charity or throw away. For me if I forgot I had it I really did not need it. After finishing up and looking at a clean(ish) house meant that I could relax for the next coming weeks and only do a really light clean when needed.

I even have all of Mabel’s Christmas presents wrapped and put in the sack, bag and stocking ready to go.

With all this done I have such a clear head and can get super excited about Christmas, I mean it’s almost time to set up the decorations. Yippee.
I do thoroughly recommend having a de-clutter and clean. You will feel so much better after and can enjoy the time with family and friends with a little less stress. Plus I managed to sell a few items on Ebay. Chocolate money for me. 

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