Mabel’s First Shoes

Buying your child their first pair of shoes is a massive deal. It signifies that they are no longer a baby but in fact a toddler.
When Mabel started walking unaided from one place to another we knew it was time to get her some sturdy shoes. We went to Clarks (as all parents do) and had her feet measured only to find out that there was one pair of shoes in the whole stockroom that would fit her. Either we order in or go to another Clarks. It turned out that I had already clocked those shoes the previous month and thought they would be great for Mabel, so we took them. They looked really cute on her and were at a reasonable price of £26.

The shoes we bought were the Little Ida in Berry Leather in the pre-walker shoes. The quality of them are great with the soles being flexible for Mabel to play around, but also have the grips on the bottom for safety and protection.

The one downside with Clarks is that they take a picture of your little one in their First Shoes and email it to you, but for some reason the past 2 weeks of photos were wiped from their system. So no photo, but I did take one of her at home from the day.

Mabel is now properly on the go and walks the majority of the time, so now I am on the look out for some cute wellies for this Autumn/Winter.
Achieved another milestone! Yippee!

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