Sassy Bloom Box November 2015

Sassy Bloom is a monthly subscription service that is catered for your child from 0-2 years old. They handpick products by age, development stage and gender specifically for your baby. Each box if you are paying monthly costs £29 but the value of the contents inside each box is at least £40.



This will be our last Sassy Bloom Box for a while as I want to save some money for when the new baby arrives, but what a great box to finish on.
TOMY Wibble Wobble Duck
RRP £9.99

This brightly coloured duckling has a wibble wobble walking action when you press down on the head. It is meant to help encourage babies to crawl but for Mabel who is walking it is a nice toy for her to play with and follow across the floor.

Vital Stainless Steel Cutlery
RRP £4.99

We are now at that stage where Mabel needs to learn to eat using cutlery rather than her hands. This starter set is just right with the chunky handles and finger/thumb locators allowing your child to learn to hold them correctly.


BKids Soft and Safe Pounding Shape Bench
RRP £12.99

Wooden toys I find are fantastic and this one has the soft rubber edging for safety. It is a fun toy where Mabel can learn to recognise the different shapes and colours.


Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup – Pink
RRP £4.99
Why did I not know about this product! I used it straight away because I want Mabel to start learning to drink from a cup and this is what helps achieve that. Your child can drink from anywhere on the rim without any spills as the lid automatically reseals.


First Steps Fun Gears Learning Toy
RRP £7.99
A fun toy where when you turn the handle the gears whizz around. It is a lovely toy that Mabel can get some stimulation from.


Munchkin Lazy Buoys Bath Toy
RRP £5.99
Penguin and Seal characters that float, nest, strain, scoop, pour and spin creating bath time fun.


A really great box where the contents are worth £46.94.
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*I purchased this Sassy Bloom box for myself. All opinions are my own*
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