Toddler Sleep Regression

I can’t believe I am actually writing this post.

Since Mabel was born she has always been a very good sleeper. Yes we had the odd night where everything just went out the window but overall we were very lucky.
Jump to Mabel being 13 months old and it seems that everything has changed. For a while I just thought it was a little faze and the waking in the night would die out, but here we were completely shattered.

We managed to pinpoint why she was waking up in the night and that is because her dummy had fallen on the floor and she wanted it to get back off to sleep, but as time went on giving the dummy back did not help. Instead she was awake and if you tried to leave the room she would cry the house down.

After a few weeks of this we were incredibly frustrated and enough was enough!
Yes, the dummy had to go!
Mabel really needed to learn how to get herself back off to sleep without having it and so we decided to get rid of it all together. She wasn’t too bothered about not having it in the day because there were lots of other things to do, like messing up the house. 
However that first night of putting her to bed without it was really heartbreaking. It took her a couple of minutes to realise that something was not right and she cried her little heart out. I knew I could not go into her room otherwise she would expect me to do it every time. She cried for a good 10 minutes, but so did I because I felt like I was being such a mean mum, even though I knew it was going to be good for her. She then stopped crying for 5 minutes then cried for 5 and that was it. Off to sleep she went. Through the night she woke up twice expecting us to go in and give her a dummy or sit with her, but we just lay in bed listening and hoping she will get herself back off to sleep, and within 5 minutes she did.

In the morning I was awoken by a chatty little girl coming from the next room. Phew we all made it through. 
Now we are one week in and I can now say we have/are getting to grips with it all. Mabel does not require a dummy at all and she sleeps like a little princess at night, touch wood. We still have a few issues with naps during the day but that is just to do with her not wanting to nap because there are things going on.

I know some people may think we have stopped using a dummy too soon or that the crying out method is not the right way to go about things, but for our family it worked.

Did you experience a change in sleep patterns at this stage?
How did you overcome it?

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