28 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello, third trimester and the home stretch!
Today I am 28 weeks and 2 days pregnant so I thought it was about time to give a quick update. 
Over the past couple of months I have had a fair few visits to the physiotherapist with lower back pain. I have now been supplied with a back support and a tubigrip support so I can switch between the two depending on what activity I am doing. My next appointment is on the 4th January because I have been told as I get bigger my back might also get a lot worse. Great Fun.

A few days ago I had my midwife appointment where I was given another blood test and weighed. I am 71.3 kg which is a fair big change from the 63 kg I started with at my first appointment, but that is normal.
My bump was also measured and it turns out I am measuring a week ahead. I knew I looked a bit bigger this time around, but I hope it is just how the baby is positioned.

These past few weeks I have also seen an increase in movements and I am now getting beaten up from the inside again, usually when I am trying to sleep. However there was an episode last week when I had some cramping and pain low down, so much so that I had to go to bed because I felt really unwell. By morning it had stopped so I am putting that down to either Braxton Hicks or just an upset tummy.

Now we are coming up to Christmas and the New Year which is just crazy, this pregnancy is flying by. I am extremely excited though to eat lots of lovely food over this festive period and not worry for once about putting weight on. 
I’m just getting bigger anyway. 
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