Mulled Apple Juice (Christmas Drink)

Our final Christmas Drink is Mulled Apple Juice.

This recipe is by Emma Lewis and creates an alternative to the Mulled Wine. If you don’t like apples then this is not for you, I however do and loved the sweetness that came through. A winner drink for me to warm up to in the evenings.

1 Litre Apple Juice
Stripes Of Orange Peel
1 Cinnamon Stick, Extra To Garnish
3 Cloves
Sugar Or Honey To Taste (I did not need anything extra)
1. Simmer the apple juice with the strips of orange peel, cinnamon stick and cloves for 5-10 minutes. 
2. Sweeten to taste.
3. Serve with a little strip of orange peel and a cinnamon stick. 
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