Review Of 2015

This past year has had its ups and downs with some challenges being the hardest I have ever had to face. With that said I am incredibly thankful that we made it out the other side of the year and going into 2016 in such high spirits with many exciting things coming up. The main one is welcoming a new little girl to the world and having our family grow to 4.

So this is our year in review.

This was filled with lots of playing and lots of smiles. I don’t think I have ever seen a baby so happy all the time.

We enjoyed Valentines day and celebrated hubby’s 30th Birthday.

This month started so well but ended in the worst possible way, my little baby girl being admitted to hospital and having to have morphine. 

We made it into London for the second time to visit daddy at work, but it quickly turned into Mabel showing him how it’s done.

My baking had come along way when I successfully made Rhubarb Crumble Cake and Chocolate Eclairs. From someone who never really took an interest in cooking it was such a massive achievement.

After weaning for a few months Mabel was in full swing with her solid food. She was getting even more independent by feeding herself. 

We took a small trip to Bournemouth and stayed in a hotel on the seafront where Mabel got to experience the beach for the first time. 

After holding a secret in for a couple of months we were finally able to share our news that we were having another baby. 

With the weather being so great this month we spent lots of times on walks and outside in the fresh air. Family time was so important. 

Our little girl turned 1. Such a magical moment and a huge milestone for us. 
Nesting kicked in and the house had to be tidied there and then. Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning in preparation for the end of the year.
In the final month of the year we celebrated Christmas time with friends and family. It was also where we really got to see Mabel being a little girl. So grown up.

Bring on 2016
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