33 Week Pregnancy Update

Today I am 33 weeks. That’s only 4 weeks left until I am term, and only 4 weeks 5 days left until my growth scan. That is the appointment where my birth plan will be decided by either myself or the consultant. 
Over the past few months I have been really thinking about which option to take, natural birth or c-section. With all the pros and cons of each one I still come back to c-section, purely because the natural birth last time went so horribly wrong. But who knows tomorrow, or next week I might decide differently.

My weight at 28 weeks was 71.3 kg and now I am 72 kg. That is an increase of 1.6 lbs and a total weight gain of 19.8 lbs. It all seems to be following the right amount of weight an average women puts on and along the same lines as my weight last time. With putting on weight I have noticed my stretch marks from last time have stretched further making them a lot larger. I don’t mind them too much because to me they are an added beauty scar.

I still have physio appointments as it was noted that as I got bigger and put on weight that my back could get worse. I have to say my back seems to of improved so much and I have had no sudden sharp pains, only slight aches now and again. That is such a relief because if my back was to go I don’t know what I would do.

32 Weeks 5 Days Bump

One thing I have really hated is the crazy sleep I have been having, or trying to have. At nights I have bad dreams that wake me up in a panic and then I struggle to get back to sleep again. I could have 2 or 3 different bad dreams in one night and come morning I am shattered. Not only that but the toilet trips are insane. I have to go constantly throughout the night that I often think it is best to sleep on the toilet instead. There has been a couple of nights where everything has eased off and I am hoping this continues.

The final thing that has happened is I had my 32 week midwife appointment. All seemed to be going well, baby’s head was down, heartbeat strong, blood pressure great, I am measuring a week ahead, but then I was told I had glucose in my urine. This is when questions of Have you had this before?, What did you eat today?, Does anyone in your family suffer from Diabetes? Erm What! I was told not to worry but if at my next appointment there was glucose in it again I would have to go for a diabetes test. Just what you want to hear in these last stages.

So other than the slight glucose result it has been a great, if not slightly tiring, month.

Just one more month or so to go.

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